New Concept Currency Platform

Utilizes Various Types of Mining


What is REVV Coin?
What is REVV Coin?

REVV Coin is a multi-concept currency platform with various mining methods.

REVVcoin is a new concept currency platform that unites various easy-to-use mining methods and expansion of the usage. It is a new concept money platform that solves the lingering problems of virtual currency.

1. Multi Reward Mining is along with traditional mining, through easy and various mining method
such as Franchising Point Reward Mining, location based AR Reward Mining, Lottery Reward Mining, Game Reward Mining, Coin change machine Reward Mining, jackpot Reward Mining, Event Reward Mining …etc, users could easily mine, which naturally increases the used places, Thus, naturally solves the chromic problem of virtual money, securing used place and decentralized enlargement of base.

2. SCT (Socket Change Technology) is a technology that allows users to control each of these various mining methods at will. It increases module coupling with the block chain base and heightens module independency.

REVVcoin is a compound word with the meaning of Revolution and Evolution – we will make the revolutionary evolution.

Token Sale End !









How to participate ICO
How to participate ICO

The way to participate in REVVcoin ICO is following :

1. Connect “Download REVV token e-wallet”

2. Sign in “CREATE YOUR WALLET” (Enter e-mail for ID/Password)

3. After signing in to REVV E-Wallet, click “ Participate in REVV COIN ICO” in red box        on dash board (main page) 

4. Input participant information and click “Next”

5. Copy REVV Etherium wallet adress and click “Next” 

6. Move to  your Etherium stock market or my ether wallet and paste REVV Etherium wallet address then, input the number of ethrium you want to particimate and transfer. 

7. Come back to REVV wallet and input the number you participated then click “Next”

※ Since REVV token is supplied on the basis of Etherium address and information, please input an accurate information. ( if information is not verified, it might not be supplied, please check through)

※. During ICO, you can participate multiple times.

Coin issuance and dividend plan
Coin issuance and dividend plan

REVVcoin ICO is going to progress with 63,000,000REC for 22 days starting from December 9th to 00o’clock Decemmber 30th. The first week participants from Dec. 10th to Dec.16th will receive 20% additional incentives, the second week participants from Dec.17th to Dec, 23rd will receive 10% additional incentives, and the third week participants from Dec.24th to Dev. 30th will receive 3% additional incentives and the latter weeks participants will not receive additional incentive. However, even if it is before the end of ICO, if REVV COIN 63,000,000 is exhausted, REVV COIN ICO will be ended. 

Depending on the order of participation, additional bonuses will be awarded accordingly:

Maximum REC for weeks
bonus amount
Total REC
1DEC. 18th~ DEC 24th (1st week)20%20,000,0004,000,00024,000,000
2Dec. 25th ~ Jan 7th (2nd week)10%21,000,0002,100,00023,100,000
3Jan 08th ~ Jan 22nd (3rd week )3%15,436,893463,10715,900,000
4Jan 22nd ~ Jan. 30th (hard cap)0%Remaninig amount-Remaining amount

The quantity of REVV tokens can be changed based on the etherium price.

Initial Development Budget(200M, 8%), PreSelling Budget(200M %), Freezing Rewards(200M, 8%), Commons Budget(400M 8thausand, 20%), Application Reward Budget(1300M2thousand, 55%). We are planning to issue total 2400M coin. This number can be changed .

Initial Development Budget
Freezing Rewards
Commons Budget
Application Reward Budget
1REVV COIN200,000,000200,000,000200,000,000480,000,0001,320,000,000
2Share8 %8 %8 %20 %55 %
Total Issued Quantity 2400000000REC
Application Reward Budget 1320000000REC
Commons Budget 480000000REC
Freezing Rewards 200000000REC
PreSaleing Budget 200000000REC
Initial Development Budget 200000000REC
Multi Mining
Multi Mining

Innovative ecosystems that use a variety of natural and easy-to-use mining

Other Coins
1Mining MethodMining through smart phone application (app type : 7types)Expensive digger ( GPU, CPU, ASIC )
2Role of the minerMethod needs participants’ interest, control, participation mining through simple program operation
3Mining productivityLow cost high productivity/ decreased productivity by level Low cost lease-mining and NO holding costHigh cost low productivity / decreased productivity by level
4Advertisement and awarenessAnyone can easily download through Google play store and app store Word of mouth, advertisements, ads through different ways
5E-walletCombined functions such as Mining, storage, transfer..etc Simple coin storage and transfer

 Franchising Point mining [Franchising Point mining method Free application]

It is the method that the customer comes to the franchise market those distributed in the whole country, scan the QR code, and mined as the payment amount, and the alliance franchise market will  be REVV COIN payment market within a certain period.

 Location based AR mining [Location based AR mining method free application]

To secure more alliance franchise market of the REVV COIN and to enlarge the base, distribute the point around the market using location based augment reality map such as Pokémon GO. Through this, alliance market’s new customer and sales increases. 

 Lotto mining [Lottery mining method payment (non-free) application] & Jackpot mining, EVENT mining

Lotto mining that is composed of lotto kind and the scratch  lottery kind, is a system that takes British lottery winning number for transparency of management, the winners, 1st to 5th , who bought the lottery with fee, gets the REVV COIN. The Jackpot mining and The Event mining works as same.

 Game mining [Game mining method payment (non-free) application]

User is going to mine through playing game ,for a certain amount of time, that is made by REVV COIN, with paying extra fee, and the income made by game mining is used again for coin-payment available game development.  

 Coin change machine mining [Coin change mining method payment (non-free) application]

REVV coin is mined when insert coin (which is on the way out  world-widely) in REVV coin changer. Through this, anyone can easily learn REVV coin, also it grows peoples’ awareness of REVV COIN. 

 GPU mining [GPU mining method ]

If people who have traditional digger or who prefer traditional mining method can mine through GPU method.

 Settled Donation System

Coin is currency, and a currency with investment.  Any coin would have the same purpose. As well, REVV coin have the same purpose. However, REVVCoin, to creates the world with “in company with sharing” and to work as link to human to human, settled donation culture. Donation that goes to the world of “sharing” and “together” Lead and up rear each other is the future that  REVV Coin is looking forward.

REVV Coin’s donation system is to donate in cooperate with donation center in each country and donate where the user wants to donate. Application that does donation is lottery mining, jackpot mining, event mining, and the winner assume the duty of donation


REVV COIN & REVV COIN E-wallet development


Integrated payment system interlock development


REVV COIN Pre-sale


International stock market registration (COIN COMING, COINCHEL)


Recruit donation centers alliance and Franchise market alliance



– APPLICATION Google Market, Apple Store, Hwawei, Baidoo


Direct Management shop establish

(Establish mainly main cities of the world – establish by types of business)


The key role of Coin is that it requires a high level of fame, mining, trading and retention of many people, and that is why it is used as a currency in real life.

The coin‘s vision and price will be increased by mining in a variety of interesting ways, getting more users through it,  and allowing users to buy and sell with more REVV coins. This directly and indirectly forms the ecosystem of virtuous cycle of the virtual coin.

In the end, the REVV coin is traded by the user, appreciated by the user, and will become the best currency to be developed by the user.


In addition, by securing the places that use REVV coins for transaction and using the profits generated by the trading of the virtual coins, the number of REVV coin users will increase. This is due to the voluntary selection of the user, not by any manipulation.

Coin’s vision is not the technology developed, but being able to be used as real currency in routine life, and this should be the core to the marketing and expansion plan.

The REVV coin is a coin that equips all these virtues, and will be playing a pivotal role in opening the future of virtual coin.


This is to introduce REVVcoin’s innovative professional team to make revolutionary evolution.

To create the REVVcoin Innovative Ecosystem, large scale distribution network specialists including organizational leaders, designers, experts in the fields of building billing systems, experts in the laws and infrastructure of many countries, technical engineering and block chain engineering had teamed up together.

Ki Kwon-Kang / CEO

He is a logistics and marketing specialist with 19 years of Value Added Network business experience. In addition, he has developed a three-party logistics system, has patented it, and developed a variety of business models. As CEO of REVV COIN, he plays a pivotal role in business-oriented business strategy.

Park Jung Soo / COO

He has been involved in on-line and off-line development, planning and marketing for 15 years, starting with financial and electronic payment fields. He has experience in projects of large corporations and government agencies. He serves as a technical and planning architect of REVV Platform.

Park yong / CTO

He graduated Korea University, department of public administration, and complete research program in Tokyo graduate school. Then, he serve the position of CEO of Korea in Nasdak Redhat which is the No.1 in Renux OS. He now do he’s duty as REVV COIN platform architect.

Lee Nam Doo /
Block Chain Expert

He is a specialist in block chaining, and he has experience of developing and managing systems for eBay / Yahoo Japan / Amazon / Joey Bay, developing the New York TPEP / LPEP center system. He serves as an expert architect for block chains and REVV systems.

Seo Byeong Soo /
Development Expert

He is a specialist in server and standard framework. He has built Cloud (AWS, Azure) web, DB, EPL, LFP real time video server based on Nginx routing and participated in developing Naver and Hangame Japan search services.

David Ha / Development Expert

He is a top expert in applications. He has accumulated 15 years of know-how of real-time peer-to-peer APP interworking technology. He has first technology in various game, mobile contents in Korea, Southeast Asia, USA. He is in charge of overseeing mining via 7 applications.

ISHIHARA SATOMI / Development Expert

She is a winner of AICHI buisiness plan contest, graduated Japan University of social welfare and efforts, and currently she supports compurter programming planning, real economy study of coin and Japan marketing.

Stephanie S. Han / Development Expert

She graduated Greenfields International school / De la Salle University, and she developed application and computer programming for 8 years, currently she does core development and API programming.

Zhang lina /
Expert of Design

She graduated Beijing foreign studies University and won various design awards ,and currently in charge of application design and development design. Also, she supports china marketing.


He launched corporations DAEG, in February, 2015, created business structure that total new comers to earn \100M in 3months, and established theoretically profit 100%. Also created individual technique that disperse risks by selecting investing target thorougly

AKIYAMA / Advisor

Born in Ota-ku, Tokyo, worked in advertising company at 20, and serve a position as president in T-LINE.
Currently actively processing various activities including cryptocurrency auto trading program development.


=> After the development of REVVcoin COIN, we are going to pre-sale one month before entry in the International Exchange. Those who have participated in the ICO will be notified through the REVV token electronic wallet.

=> 200,000,000 RECs will be issued in total.

=> It is determined by the Etherium-based price at the time of the token sale.
Assuming that 1 Ether at the time of token sale is 360,000 won, it will be 360,000 / 8,927 = approximately 40 won.

=> If you do not meet the target in ICO, only RECs as much as the gathered amount will be issued.
Unreleased RECs in the first round will be distributed through pre-sale to be carried out in the future. Even during pre-sale, the remaining unredeemed RECs will be redeemed as dividend coins of the member.

=> 1. Download and install REVV token e-wallet
2. After completing the installation, register (E-mail to be used as ID / Password / Etherium address to be transferred / input quantity to send)
3. Run Send to transfer the quantity entered when registering with the REVV Coin Etherium e-wallet address
– REVV Coin Etherium Wallet Address (0xafacadf5bf3b30c4682af36dc4f1623ab6c76bf4)
4. Check the REVV token quantity in the REVV token e-wallet after closing ICO
5. Check the conversion of REVV token into REVV Coin after downloading the full version REVV Coin e-wallet
After the full version REVV Coin E-Wallet Download REVV token REVV Convert to coin check

=> Assuming that the coin is used in real life, if the issuance quantity is small and if the price of 1REC increases, we predicted that there will be inconvenience in actual transaction as it will go down to a decimal point, and fixed based on a number of 2.4 billion for a real-life transaction standard.

=> Various mining makes base enlargement of coin common to general people. When many people recognize REVV COIN, mine them, transfer them bilaterally, and when the number of payment sources derived from mining methods increases, REVV COIN will eventually become the currency.
In addition, the multi-direction settlement makes REVV COIN a free and new concept currency. If the coin’s price stabilizes in the future, it will be available for use on cards. Because of the transactions of many people, they can also be used with card attachment. The new currency platform will play a leading role in future automatic payment systems

=> The REVV Foundation establishes merchants where REVV COIN can be paid with most of its three types of mining application revenue. Of course, it will be convenient if the COIN is made usable in all usage places by attaching the COIN on the card. However, if there is a REVV COIN merchant that is differentiated and payable at a lower cost, there will be a benefit in the value of REVVCOIN and in the convenience, profit, etc. of users.

=> It is convenient for users to spend in real life because the expenditure (purchase, settlement) and profit (mining) occur simultaneously in the existing life, and in addition, there is an effective gain through mined coin and settlement through REVV coin is done at many various merchants.

=> It is possible to acquire both fixed customers and new customes, and through this there will be a benefit in sales increase, and in the future, when implementing REVV coin payment system, it can stand superior to other merchants. In addition, as the location-based AR mining marketing is carried out around the merchants periodically, the flow population will increase and new customers will be acquired more quickly.

=>> REVV Coin is a new concept platform business model that can naturally acquire usage and spread coins simultaneously with various mining methods. We provide merchants with customer acquisition and thus marketing services, and customers can easily use the coin in their real life by mining the coin easily during life and making payment through REVV coin with profit margin.
Though many coins have appeared, there are few coins that can be used in real life except for some famous coins such as Bitcoin and Etherium.
Despite with good vision and technology presenting platforms and ICOs, if they are not implemented according to the road map nor used as planned even with, investors may lose money.
We have a solid business model and a wealth of experience in building such business. We expect that a lot of value will rise when formal services are started.

=> The REVV Coin Platform team has a wealth of experience and know-how in building and payment settlement with Etherium block chain specialists, merchant and distribution service specialists and marketing specialists. It is possible that the service will be implemented based on know-how such as establishing a service model through various mining and various business policy establishment experience.

=> Our vision is to partner with various merchants all over the world and to create a platform that can be easily digested by anyone.
We will proceed towards that goal regardless of ICO. Participation in the ICO is a contribution to the success of the project and we anticipate that we will be able to make a return on investment.

Open it
Close it
  1. Do you have white paper?
    -> Yes, we do. You can find it on
  2. Do I participate with Bit or Etherium? What is the least (minimum) count? Does it have limit? -> You can participate with Etherium. The least number is 1ETH. No, it does not have limitation.
  3. How much REVV Coin do I get over 1 ETH?
    -> 1coin=48\. Value of closing time/48
  4. Who do I get involved in ICO?
    -> You can come to the and find out!
  5. When is the date of distribution of the token?
    -> in 1 week from the closing date.
  6. Does REVV COIN have potential to be public company?
    -> We are going to be go on public on Coinchell, ( which is in japan, Korea, Thai, Mongol, etc.) and coincoming (Hong-Kong)
  7. How much is the price stock exchange market suggested?
    -> 300-400won. but, after ICO result and Pre-sale result, we will compute the price a little lower than decided price, because if the price is too high, speculation might occur and selling amount goes up, which will increase the possibility of throw out. We want to be a real coin that lasts long.
  8. What are the contacts that I can ask questions?
    -> Telegram, kakaotalk, wechat, homepage. You can find them from the bottom of
  9. Do you use traditional encrypt algorithm?
    -> Etherium based, but we also graft our 2 technique to smart contract (virtual block system, SCT)
  10. Do you have specific characteristic besides diverse mining method?
    -> 7 application method. Get rid of unnecessary things and apply new things that are needed in real life.
  11. When is the pre-sale? What is your schedule?
    – March- Coin development done.
    – April – presale
    – May – list up.
  12. Is it based on smart contract? Is your protocol Erc20? Does it exist as side-chain?
    -> Yes, Yes, Yes.
  13. Where is the main agency that supervises the coin?
    -> We do not have background, but we have 3 experts in development, 2 application development experts, and 2 people who worked in payment market.
  14. You do not have source, you are in the stage of business plan… what is the benefit for this high risk investors?
    -> Test is done, technical test is done, and all the simulation is done. But it is small scale, so it does not have enough money to be on the real field. This is why we process ICO. We do not progress ICO only with plan. The important thing is not only making the coin, but also practical plan. REVV coin can be grafted in real life. Also, it has great efficiency.
  15. Your main philosophy the more people mine, the more they use?
    -> No, user securing is the first for coin. User needs to easily understand, aware and learn. Also, it needs to be easily used and traded. Not like other coins, if anyone can mine and anyone can understand, that coin will survive. REVV COIN’s purpose is to decentralize, enlargement of base and function as currency.
  16. There are many coins that mine with variety methods, that are not well-distributed I want to know how you are going to overcome with this. And I also wonder what strength you have to beat those many coins.
    -> Not like other coins, if anyone can mine and anyone can understand, that coin will survive. REVV COIN’s purpose is to decentralize, enlargement of base and function as currency. Also, if we make alliance with every franchise, it would not mean anything. Thus, we will make alliance with specific franchises, and to differentiate them as franchise that distributes and pay with coin.
  17. There are coins that impose payment function such as BTC, ETH, XRP. What I wonder is what are the strength better than verified coins.
    -> it has a function as real currency. If it is uncomfortable or not profitable for users and market, we will never use it.
  18. What is the personal cap?
    -> at least 1 ETH to no limitation.
  19. Is it white list?
    -> Yes it is.
  20. Is the wallet based on Etherium?
    -> no, its our self-wallet.
  21. Does it use Mew wallet? Is it going to transfer to mew wallet later on?
    -> No, it does not.
  22. Do you have schedule for seminar?
    -> yes we do. We will announce later on. Also, we are going to do the seminar with system simulation.
  23. Hard cap schedule after soft cap?
    -> It will be progressed till before presale.
  24. There are a lot of coins that are abolished after going listing; do you have any plan to prevent delisting?

Creation of process of coin is following:

The purpose of coin – research – planning and the direction for coin setting – making whitepaper – ICO – development – Presale – list up on stock exchange market – run as the planed schedule. Of course, sometimes these processes are compressed or deleted. The problem is, during these processes, while setting the value of coin, lots of cases include speculation objects. A lot of coins now start with this purpose. .

For example, if the price gap between ICO, presale and stock market list up is too high, most of the coins do not last 3months and go low price and be abolished.

The way to stop this is to secure users and increase of transaction. To advertise, secure users and to increase transaction in short period of time needs a lot of cost and strategy.

We, REVV COIN has low gap between ICO, presale and listing up in stock exchange market. We do not put purpose on speculation, but we first put the function of currency, and decentralization, enlargement of base.

Also, advertising and securing users is processed with mining through smart phone application which everyone uses, thus it seems the best to spread.

  1. Is it possible to do transaction between wallets?
    -> Yes
  1. How much is it during present ICO?
    -> 48\
  2. How much is it during presale?
    -> 51\-52\
  3. What stock exchange do you list up?
    -> Coinchell, Coincoming, AIOBC
  4. Do you have strategy for international advertising?
    -> Yes, we do.
  5. Let me know about security for wallet hacking.
    -> We are operating wallet in physical server of stock exchange market.
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Participants in countries that ban ICO are banned from REVVCOIN ICO. ICO participants must refer to relevant regulation in your country regarding ICO participation, We let you know that the participant is responsible for the legal problems happening by ICO banning countries and REVV COIN ICO is not related, and please check this through before you involve yourself in ICO.  

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